Everyone Has a Story


Everyone Has a Story videotapes stories for free and posts them online.   We’re partnered with The Friends of the Library, The Historical Society. and Community Action Commission.  In addition to videotaping stories ourselves, we also train others on how to use free tools to record stories using smart phones and laptops and to post them online. 
Please consider making a donation which goes towards training others to record stories and archiving them online, for our story tellers (like you), their friends, family and professional associates… and for posterity.

(Site is Under Construction July 6, 2014).

Program Director

Nimmer has been a filmmaker
and TV producer for over
40 years.  He has several Emmy
nominations and has worked as
a filmmaker for several public agencies including The State of California. His clients have included CBS Television, and Michael Jackson.  He developed the Everyone Has a Story idea and is currently donating his time to get it up and running.  Contact him if you would like to volunteer for the organization. nimmer@everyonehasastory.org


O’Reilly is a public library
manager with nearly 20 years'
experience. She has embraced
new technologies that keep libraries
relevant in the every changing world of new media solutions, access to information and research methods. She helped conceive the idea of Everyone Has a Story and works as a program consultant.

Everyone Has a Story

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